Finding the Suitable Moving Company for Your Move

Moving is a gargantuan task as it involves a million details and tasks. There are many professional moving companies in Singapore to help you with moving. The main task of a professional moving company is to load and unload the packed boxes as well as the careful lifting and moving of heavy and bulky items. These are the people you are going to trust with your prized possessions and expensive furniture. As such, you need to be careful when choosing a professional moving company in Singapore. It is crucial to look at their reputation, experiences, and expertise when it comes to moving.

Set up an appointment with your professional moving company 

The first thing you need to do is set up appointments with the moving company you have chosen. The appointment is for them to come to your house and give an estimate. A professional moving company will be more than ready to do a site visit to get a clear picture of your house so that they can plan the move.

Check the equipment

Make sure the movers own suitable equipment and moving truck. It is also wise to check their storage facility. These are important steps to ensure you are dealing with professionals and not rogue movers. A reputable and professional moving company will have a variety of suitable equipment at different sizes and functional moving trucks. This is crucial to ensure the safe handling and transportation of your furniture during the move.

Be sure of the pricing

Ask questions about their pricing, and what are the services included in the price. Do not forget to ask what the services that require additional payment are. It is always wise to compare between several companies as it will give a clear idea of the best services provided and the best pricing. It is also crucial to inquire about the insurance coverage and the value of your belongings. As moving is largely physical, there are chances for injuries and damage.

Research online

Spend some time to do your online research on the reputation of the company. Look for the customer testimonials on the website of the moving company. These will give you a picture on the reputation of the moving company. A reputable and professional moving company is sure to have a large client profile and a detailed website detailing their services.

With these tips, you are sure to hire the best professional moving company in Singapore!

Ways to move happily into your new place

The excitement of moving is more often than not dampened by the thoughts of the amount of works that need to be done and the amount of details that need to be checked. The process of moving need to be approached systematically so as to ensure the excitement remains till the end of the process. Moving into Singapore is made easy by the professional moving companies which take the burden of many Singaporeans. They take care of the loading and unloading of heavy and bulky items, but there are several things that you must do to make moving a happy process.

Pack smartly – Professional moving companies 

Start packing once you have decided to move out into a new place. The trick is to pack at every free time that you can allocate so that you do not end up packing all weekend right before moving day. This will reduce stress by leaps and bounds. Besides, the chances that you might forget something will also be reduced greatly.

Do not pack your closet

There is no need to take out your clothes out of the closet, fold them, pack them, unfold them, and iron them again. You can simply ask the hired professional movers to bring several wardrobe boxes on the day of the move. Your clothes would not even be out of their respective hangers. You just have to hang them back again into the closet at your new place.

Make saying goodbye easier

This is a very crucial step if you have kids and they love your current place. Attachment with the place can be a tricky issue to deal with as kids might start crying or subdued on moving day. You can try to make them focus on the things that they love about the new place. For instance, you can ask them for ideas to decorate the new place. This will keep them looking forward and excited.

Pack the basics separately

Things such as toiletries and a change of clothes should be packed and kept right with you during moving day. While the professional movers haul the big and bulky items, you should be careful not the let the essential items package to get away from you. It is extremely easy for boxes to get mixed up during the moving process. Having an essential items package will help you to settle at your new place for the first night. You do not have to worry about unpacking the boxes right away.

These ways are foolproof ways to ensure the excitement does not fade throughout the moving process. Moving is great fun if done correctly!


What should you know about movers in Singapore?

What should you know about professional movers?

Moving house and office in Singapore can be a messy affair. It does not matter if the move is to a place just a stone’s throw away from the current place or to a place miles away; a messy affair is always a messy affair. The amount of work, time, and energy involved makes it one of the tedious things a person can commit to. This is the main reason why movers are being hired. Movers ease the work load by leaps and bounds. Since moving can be very stressful, it is important to know that movers, no matter how professional they are, would like you to know several important things that would make the move a breezy affair.

  1. They want you to let them do their job


The movers are trained professional movers who know what they are doing. They know how to handle each item accordingly. All you have to do is step aside and let them put their training and expertise into action. Your opinions and thoughts, no matter how welcomed, they are, might disrupt and delay the whole process.


  1. Pack all your things before the designated moving day


Pack all your things and be ready to load them once the movers arrive. This will enable them to assess the load and plan the loading and unloading process immediately. The failure to pack on time will result in the delay of the whole process and will cost you more money.


  1. Keep the valuables with you


Your movers are not responsible to keep track of your valuables such as cash, jewelry, and prescription medicines. It is very easy to misplace these items during the moving process and they might get lost in the sea of boxes. Hence, it is crucial to keep these valuable items with you at all times so that you can locate them whenever you want to use them.


  1. Be there on the moving day


While it is important to not distract them from doing their job, it is also important to be there in case they need you. They might want to know what not to move and where things go. So, if you are not there to answer these questions, things might go haywire and this will result in the delay of the moving process.


  1. Label boxes clearly


This is a crucial act which will notify the movers on how to handle the boxes. Some boxes might contain things which cannot be turned upside down, some cannot be put under direct sunlight and fragile boxes need to be handled with extra care.


Follow these steps to ensure a stress-free moving!

5 Things Your Movers Want You to Know!

Hiring a professional moving company in Singapore is the most sensible decision you might have taken. Moving is a stress-inducing process and you will definitely need the advice, experience, and expertise of trained professional movers in Singapore. Moving is a team work and there are several things that your movers want you to know. There are many things that might disrupt and delay the moving process. As professionals, they offer some of the etiquettes that will make your move smooth and easy.

Label all your packed boxes with their intended destination

Professional moving services include unloading at the destination and distributing them according to the designated places at your new place. Hence, it is crucial to label the boxes so that the movers know where to put them straight away. This will prevent confusions and the misplacement of items. You do not need to haul the misplaced item all by yourself once the movers have left.

Solve the parking issue beforehand

Research on the parking details of your new place and find a parking spot which has best access to your apartment. You need to inform movers where to park their moving truck so that they can start the unloading process immediately. The unnecessary parking problems will definitely delay the moving process.

Do not pack heavy items in large boxes

It might seem like a good idea to pack away all your books in one large box so that you can easily relocate them later. This is actually a bad idea because the movers will find it difficult to lift these boxes and there are chances for the boxes to blowout during the lifting and loading. Hence, it is wise to properly distribute the weight of items in each box.

Empty all your drawers and desks

Having items in drawers and desks will result in the furniture being heavier and hence require more effort to load and unload. Items in the drawers and desks will also slide and shift during the moving process and pose danger to the movers.

Be welcoming to your professional moving company

It is to be noted that kind gestures go a long way. Restrain yourself from being rude to the movers. Providing snacks and drinks will also energise the movers and result in a faster and a more efficient moving.

These etiquettes will definitely make your move a pleasant experience!

Why Hiring Professional Movers in Singapore is a smart move?

Many people dread moving as there are just too many details to check and too many things to be done before, during, and after moving day. Many Singaporeans just do not have the time to micromanage the moving process as they are already busy with a full time job which demands all their time and energy. Professional Movers in Singapore are ready to take moving worries out of your hands. Many might ponder on the rationale of hiring professional movers in Singapore. Here are some of the reasons why hiring professional movers is indeed a smart move.

Eliminates the potential of injury during the moving process

Professional movers are trained to handle and manage the various equipment and furniture during loading and unloading. These tasks require careful planning and experience since one slip of the hand can result in bodily injuries. Improper handling of valuables and heavy items can also damage those items permanently. Hence, it is wise to let the experts handle them accordingly.

Eliminates lethargy

You will probably need the help of family and friends to vacate and move. Moving involves packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, yelling and shouting. At the end of the day, everyone is going to be exhausted and too tired. Instead of celebrating the success of your move, you are going to want to crawl into bed. This will definitely make a wonderful event a foggy memory. With movers, all you have to do is cherish and enjoy each part of the move.

More time for finer details

While movers handle the bulky part of the move, you will have time to look into the finer details such as setting up cable and utility services and make your new place ready for unloading. Doing all the work all by yourself will only result in you being tired and overlooking many important details.

No worries about the equipment

Moving requires the right equipment. You will need a moving truck and other necessary equipment to move your heavy and bulky furniture down the stairs, around the corner and through the door. One small mistake and you might break your bones or the furniture. Professional movers have all the right equipment at the right size and the expertise to load and unload efficiently.

These are some of the reasons why hiring professional movers in Singapore is a smart move. They take the burden off your shoulder and will guarantee an injury-free and stress-free moving experience!

Why Pick A Professional Movers And Packers Company?

Relocating from one place to another has to be considered at least once in a lifetime irrespective of the purpose. While moving from one place to another, be it in Singapore, or West Malaysia, more than one thing has to be kept in mind. That is why it is always best to invest in a good movers and packers company so that relaxation of mind and body can be ensured.

How to select the best movers in Singapore?

Going by reputation is always the best policy because people will always strive to give their best to protect the brand name. Do a bit of research on the internet if you have the time, or trust someone who has just relocated in Singapore. They will give the most authentic information and make your work easy.

Get a detailed schedule

It is highly important to select the best movers in Singapore so that people the work runs on schedule and there is hardly any delay or mismanagement. Since professional companies employ the best and most experienced people it is likely that the quality of work will be extremely impressive. It will involve less mismanagement, the loss of faith and smooth running of the work.

Moving expenses

Cost-cutting should always be on the cards while you are relocating because you will be heading for a new place and lifestyle.

  • It is prudent to invest in cheap movers who are likely to help you keep the cost under control.
  • Being organized and making the job easier for them is a good method of making sure that you are not fleeced.

Careful with the crockery

Professional home movers are always careful about how the glassware is packed to avoid breakage. They will also provide you with the right packaging material if you ask for it. Putting your money in experienced packaging companies can actually give you a big deal.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Dealing with Relocation Logistics

The process of relocation is certainly not easy and it needs a lot of management work to sort out the entire logistics of relocation. Shifting from one place to a completely new place, meeting new people and everything makes a big difference in the life of that particular person who is being relocated.

Certain things should be kept in mind during the process of relocation. A few of those points are mentioned below.

  • Aid in the cheap movers’ retention and recruiting initiatives.
  • One has to manage the relocation costs in Singapore to as low as possible.
  • One has to be consistent for the moving company storage solutions and also offer enough flexibility so that the people who are being relocated are satisfied.
  • The people who are relocating must focus on their work as soon as possible.
  • The entire process of relocation must not be stressful for both the company as well as the employee.
  • One must maintain the productivity of the employee getting transferred and all the other staffs who are involved in the entire process.

While shopping in the relocation process, certain points need to be kept in mind.

  • Whether the entire relocation process gets aligned with the company’s policies and strategies.
  • Will it meet the needs of the employees being relocated from one place to the other?
  • What is the profit motive of the cheap storage company being hired for the relocation process?

Metrics, transparency, and performance are the key points that should be focused into for a successful and peaceful relocation process. The company should be transparent enough to show their interest in your process of relocation. Nothing should be hidden from the employees. It should be stressed-free and hassle free and should focus mainly on their functions.

Professional Movers To Assist You During Relocation

Is the tension of relocation is giving you headaches? Not to worry anymore because professional packers and movers are here to rescue the day. Sit tight and relax while the hired professionals do their job. You do not have to worry even for a bit regarding the safety of your assets. The moving companies are more than capable of handling any volume and type of relocation to a distant destination at ease due to their huge experience and working knowledge in the particular field.

Why hire the professional movers?

  • Safety and reliability

The first and foremost point that makes moving company in Singapore a great choice is the concern of safety. The trained professionals will pack and move everything with the utmost care and keep them intact until the items reach their destination. The process will be completed smoothly without any hindrance.

  • Warehouse or storage

When there is a question of the huge volume of items to be shipped, then the requirements of storage space become necessary. The moving company storage units will be available in the deal and the security of the items will be ensured. The combined service of shifting as well as the availability of warehouses is bliss for commercial relocation.

  • Benefit of insurance policies

The best movers in Singapore provide different modes of insurance to the clients, ensuring the safety and security of the shifting items. Apart from the reliability, service the insurer provides a documented coverage policies regarding theft, damage or loss of items and assets during the relocation process.

  • Time and resource

When there is a question of time the professional movers and packers provide the best time convenient solution. Contacting the agency once and taking a compatible quote is what you have to do and the rest will be done as per your convenience. In this way, a lot of valuable time and other resources are saved.

Release your burden a hire the professionals now and shift your belongings safely in time.

DIY Relocation VS Hiring Professional Movers: Which Is Wiser?

If you have experience with DIY relocation, then you are surely aware of the necessity of hiring a professional packers and movers. Not only they reduce your workload, but help with you a secure and safe relocation service. Relocation is a hassle prone task which only a professional relocation service provider can manage strategically.

A comparison between DIY relocation and professional relocation service

Today not only household, but offices are also in need of service from moving companies for both national and international relocation. Compared to a DIY relocation, a moving company excels in the following ways:

  • They help you in saving your money by providing all-in-one services at the same charge while for DIY; you will have to hire space labours for packing, loading, and unloading. Further, you will have to do the arrangement on your own.
  • They offer you with the best insurance which you don’t have in DIY for you are responsible solely for the damage (if any).
  • As not everyone relocates and moves often, a professional mover offers you better services with their expertise, skill and experience. Lacking of experiences in relocating and DIY-ing your relocation could create more hassle to you.

Enjoy a pleasant relocation experience

Moving is really very hard, but the office and cheap movers can make the process stress free, thus, why not sit back and have a pleasant relocation experience? A reliable mover saves not only your time, but also provides efficient space management, proper packing, and labeling. At AE Logistics, one of the Malay movers in Singapore, we have storage space available to our clients too.

Seeking for local or international relocation service in Singapore? You can find moving services at a pocket fitting cost from us.

Understanding Your Requirements When You Are Planning To Shift Your Home

In today’s world, home relocation is a common trend. Now and then people need to relocate their houses, because of better job opportunity, education and a better living experience. But it is definitely a hectic task, which can drain off your entire energy and enthusiasm if you try to handle the task single-handedly.

Why can’t you do it all by yourself?

This is a common question, which pops up in the mind whenever one is planning to relocate. What they fail to understand is that they do not have the proper experience and special skills that would allow them to accomplish the task, effortlessly like the moving companies. It involves a series of procedures such as packing the goods, loading them, transporting, unloading them, unpacking and arranging them finally in your new place. Do you think all these require only physical strain? Then it is the time for you to reconsider your decision!

Why do you need the experts?

There are numerous reasons, why you should opt for expat living services.

  • The goods that you are planning to move, includes many fragile and delicate stuff, which require special precautionary measures. Unless you use the right packing supplies, like the bubble wrapping sheet, aerated sheets, etc., you might damage them during the loading process.
  • The packers and movers, tend to inspect your entire household and create their own list of minute details. Thereafter they pack all your goods after organizing them properly, so that there are least chances of any damage or leaving behind anything.
  • The service providers in Singapore will ensure maximum protection of goods, to avoid any extra charges for accidental damage. As a result, you can always rely on them.

However, if you opt for the cheap service providers, you might have to compromise a bit with the quality of services you can avail. So, take some time and make a wise decision.