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  • International (West Malaysia) Relocation ** Temporary Closed Till Further Notice**

International (West Malaysia) Relocation ** Temporary Closed Till Further Notice**

** Temporary Closed Till Further Notice. Due to Lack of Manpower**

Our international relocation services are also available to those looking to move to and from West Malaysia and Singapore. With our international moving solutions and experienced movers in Singapore, we cover virtually all aspects of packing and transportation. We want you to have a stress-free experience with us, whether you are moving to a new house or a new business establishment.



We handle the various documentations necessary to push through with your relocation. This includes:

  • GST Permit Application
  • Electrical / Electronic Appliances Permit Application
  • Customs Declaration, Documentation, and Clearance

Requirements: photocopy of I/C (front and back), and passport


Let us do all the heavy lifting - literally! Our transportation services come with a professional crew (3 to 5 persons) who are sure to get you moving at ease and on time. Need to disassemble some furniture? No problem. Got electronics that need careful packing? We got it covered! Can’t load and unload items on the truck? We can carry them for you!


We provide 28 to 40 footer trucks for all international relocations. Our movers will make sure that your belongings are properly loaded on to it, maximizing available space. We will also provide drivers who have been in the transportation industry for several years. They know how to manoeuvre large vehicles with heavy loads, so as to ensure a safe and timely delivery.


We provide a complete range of packing materials that are sure to make your move just that much smoother. With the help of our people, we will utilize boxes, bubble wrap, and masking tape for the safekeeping of your items.


Should you need to get rid of some items for your move, entrust the task to us! No matter how big or small, we have the capability to properly dispose of the items you don’t want to bring to your new place.


Prices for our international relocation services start at 300 SGD. For a more detailed quotation, you may reach us through our contact information.